A lot of people use money to appear to be certain ways.   For “status” and all that.  I just don’t want to use my resources for any of that.

The whole money thing really is an important part of life’s puzzle.  The way people make decisions about how to get and spend and save money is a 100% direct reflection of their actual beliefs – as opposed to what they might say they believe.  A person who steals does NOT value honesty – even if they want you to be honest with them.  Money commonly becomes a symbol of personal value, personal power and even freedom.  I had to work to figure out how to be “in charge” of the money in my life rather than let it “run” me.     <- For me, that was an important idea to grapple with.  I didn’t want to chase after money mindlessly.  I didn’t want it or the lack of it to ever cause me to agonize.  I wanted money to provide support and strength to whatever I wanted to do.   I wanted what I actually did with my life’s energy (i.e. my money) to directly reflect who I had decided I was.  I wasn’t going to be like my parents – looking for money to affirm or prove my value.  It seems me a person can’t define themselves without doing the hard work to figure out how you would earn money, spend money and save (not spend) money.  It ties into how we see ourselves relative to others.  And, it all ties in to how you see yourself relative to the planet and the resources the planet holds.  Are those resources for us to ravage (so we can have “fun”…) or do we have some responsibilities towards them?  (How Much Is Enough = another significant life impacting book on my list) These are completely different questions than “what is the process to decide how to invest money.”

 So, my relationship with money is specific:
  • My money is a reflection of my energy (i.e. it takes my time and effort to get it)
  • So, I won’t waste my money – just as I don’t want to waste my time / energy /life.
  • My money is a tool that provides the foundation needed to do what I want to do
  • I’m in charge of it; it’s not in charge of me.
Many people believe that a person’s value is in direct relation to their earnings.  They believed that the only life purpose of value is to make a lot of money.  They believe that it is foolish to be too generous with your time and/or resources.  Everything was about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!  YUCK!  So, I love having my response to money support my journey to freedom.   I make good use of my time and all my resources.  I will never be a slave to money and let “it” direct my life.  I have better things (literally) to do than the crumble under the more, more, more mentality.  But in order to get that freedom, care has to be taken to not waste….  All good 🙂

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