Written – 12/4/2010 – Poem – Musings On Color

Basking in the comfort of blue  and forest green
Earth colors with earth vibration             

Colors next to othersand colors merging     together   

Which colors are me and which colors are you?
White bringing the max brightness
Too much, too inclusive, too many choices, too many differences?
Neon yellow steps us back
Still too much?
The yellow flame of fire waits  
What color is love or fear or hopefulness or anguish?
Why is bloodso bright?


The vibrations of brilliant flowers vibrate me and hummingbirds as well     ahhhhhh
What vibrates the colorblind?
What color is strength?   
Bits of dull grit mixed with water exposed to fire create intense sparkling glass covers
 Visual experience absorbs color with emotional vibrations


   Whose eyes are closed to the reach of color?
What color are their eyes?
What color connections lurk in the subconscious ready to drive the lifting of a foot or hand?
Basking in the comfort of earth colors


Seeking the       thrill          of brightness  

Moving so fast missing the moment of each color  


   Is a colored picture really worth a thousand words?
Shall we stop speaking and only paint? 
In living color?
Which colors are dead?
Feelings and colors and feelings
Is color language or fulfillment?
Too many questions
Colors are
I am

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