Written – 7/26/1999 – Firewalking

About my fire-walking experience…

There was this guy who used to have these fire-walking events at his home. It was extremely fun.

We did some group activities while the wood burned down into coals.  The activities were the “trust building” type things.
But when it was time to walk on coals…. What fun.  My first time, of course, was scary…  But honestly, there are no tricks to walking on hot coals.  You just need to keep walking.  You don’t want a coal to get caught between toes or something.
I used to go round and round.  One time I went across 25 times!  Sometimes alone.  Sometimes grabbing a partner to come along!  I liked to run and leap through the coals…  What a high.
Then, the evening always ended with everyone standing in a circle around the dying embers and speaking about their feelings about the experience.  Many people said something along the lines of “if I can walk on fire, I can do anything”.  And that was true.  It really doesn’t hurt to walk on the coals.
So, if the person can get over the fear of walking on coals, they can get over other fears.

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