Changing ourselves is hard.  It takes a lot of work and is very time consuming.  But, I think the average person can do it.  If the person chooses to see themselves on a lifetime path of learning and growing; then, it is no longer is “a lot of time” because the time passes anyway. So, it’s just a matter of choosing to use the time that “is” in a more specific way – because we can.  And about it being a “lot of work”. 
In the long run, it seems to me to be more “work” carrying the burden of the negativity.  Once the trail is blazed, the “work” becomes easier and easier.  Not doing the “work” is actually more “work” in the long run also because when you come to the end of life and look back, what you see and feel about your life and yourself can create chaos or peace.  I’m pretty sure it is the hardest work of all to look back on a life and feel bad about how the time was used..  And…  once you write things down, you don’t need to “hold” all of it at one time.  The load is then lighted.  A piece at a time can be tackled.  And, just like our “habit” of hanging on to negativity, we can create a “habit” of challenging the negativity and replacing it with what we want. We are going to believe something, do something, think something, feel something, so we might as well believe, do, think, feel what is helpful and useful to us.
 No journey of any length can be made faster than one step at a time. 
I had an opportunity to really learn that a few years ago.  I cherish the privacy of my sacred space which is my home. But my neighbor built a garage just a few feet from the property line.  Previously, I couldn’t see anyone else’s buildings at all. But, this new building has 2 stories -above the garage was an apartment.  So all of a sudden, I had someone who could peer right down into my private place.  As much as I love people and spend my time day after day in service for people, I also like my own space… So, I decided that I needed to plant a “wall of green” between me and my invading neighbor…  I purchased 135    8’ perimidalis (tall skinny evergreen trees).  I actually purchased and planted 10 per weekend. This was done in the cold and wet winter months.  I guess I was whining a bit to the guy I was buying them from.  He told me to remember that with each and every shovel full of dirt that I moved, I was closer and closer to my goal.  That little tid-bit really sunk in and it really helped me.  I focused on feeling good about every little bit of progress.  I was learning to “feel” the value of perseverance in general.  This was a lesson on the value of perseverance that was physically manifested.  Well, my wall of green is now tall enough now to block the view from the neighbor’s second story windows.
So, it is possible to do big things one shovel full at a time.

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2 responses to “ONE SHOVELFUL AT A TIME…”

  1. Kae Lovelight says :

    I love this! One shovel full at a time!!! Works for so many things in life!! 🙂

  2. Lea Zengage says :

    Cool! It's funny… Some of the things we "know", we seem to forget. And, I'm being reminded that the best way to reclaim that knowledge is to get quiet as we've been doing with the Deepak Chopra meditation challenge. Thanks for telling me about that.

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