Here’s my thinking (i.e. what I’ve figured out so far…..)  about how to “detach” something negative from some part of one’s self……


  1. First, the conscious mind (the reasoning, remembering, analytical mind) needs to “learn” that
    1. something is wrong
    2. how things get wrong
                                                               i.      which involves understanding about “normal” human development (including childhood and adult stages / needs / goals)
1.       this way they can stop seeing themselves as “defective”
2.       and they can begin to understand that as a child there are things they didn’t get that they needed and that they can now give themselves these things no matter what their age
                                                              ii.      how belief systems work
1.       some people really think that if they believe something, that belief can’t be changed
2.       some people really think that everyone who believes something different from them are simply “wrong”
3.       most people don’t realize that belief systems act like filters and influence what we even see (if we allow the filters to remain)
4.       most people don’t realize how belief systems are like trees with a main trunk and many related branches with many leaves..  Beliefs build on beliefs. If the trunk is diseased, the tree is diseased.
                                                            iii.      that the mind consists of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind AND that these “minds” operate completely differently
1.       most people focus all their “healing” energy on the conscious mind and due to a lack of awareness they continually “hurt” themselves by continuing to actively feed the problem into their subconscious mind.
2.       even people who are vaguely aware of the subconscious mind, don’t take the time to understand a few basic facts of how it works and how to change what is in there!
                                                            iv.      that the mind – body connections exists and impacts everything
1.       most people think about the different aspects of themselves as separate.  Until they realize that it works all in sync, they really can only go so far…
  1. Then, the conscious mind needs to make a decision (backed by a sincere commitment) to heal (i.e. detach the negative).  I’ve heard many stories of an “awakening”  and other significant moments of decision.  This “decision” isn’t quite as simple as the word implies.  I’ve never completely been able to describe this moment.  A person can’t completely control when whatever it is happens…  But, I suppose, the forward movement will trigger this moment to come…
    1. The conscious mind must create a plan that applies the concepts it has mastered
    2. The conscious mind must make sure that the plan includes LOTS and LOTS of repetition (that’s the ONLY way the subconscious “learns” new things) and that it is consistently followed (with the same fervor that religions “teach” their followers since religions have understood how to get their particular beliefs / traditions to become internalized (i.e. “attached” at the subconscious level) into people – i.e. with doctrine, ritual and consistent schedules for the repetition and the review of their beliefs – praying, studying “God’s books”, ceremonies, and with the rules for “how we do things”)
  2. Finally, the plan needs to be followed and it must include continually
    1. redefining the desired belief system as specifically as possible (thus by definition identifying what is “negative” and therefore what must “go”)
    2. learning more and more and again and again about all the above (in 2.)
    3. monitoring and checking the conscious mind’s “self talk” and replacing the negativity with the chosen positive beliefs (this is like a new version of “praying”; repeating the desired belief over and over)
    4. doing the work to remove unhelpful things from and add helpful things to the subconscious mind (i.e. meditation with intention…. Or some might call it self-hypnosis. Painting the new picture and living it in complete detail with strong emotion as if it were already true on all levels)
    5. implementing the best mind  / body practices (i.e. taking the view that the body carries knowledge (as it does…), that the body must be honored, the body and mind influence each other…)  using the knowledge of the subconscious and conscious minds to “clean up” the body’s store of “negative”, unhelpful knowledge
    6. tying all the above into a plan that includes actively and consciously  “re-parenting” oneself based on a clear understanding of what was missed
    7. tying all the above into a sense of purpose, a sense of why anything and everything is done, finding a sense of connectedness to something that seems right and valuable
    8. finding a way to remember to “use what you know”.
Well, that’s kind of wordy and a little awkwardly written but that’s what I’ve come to understand.  But, it is easier said than done.  Thus, the need for constant repetition.  Repetition really is key….  It takes that lifelong commitment to being on the path. 
But, if everyone did put at least some effort into this “detachment of negativity” thing within THEMSELVES, I sincerely believe the “world” and society would improve many times over.   And, the things that were still messed up, well, we would be more grounded and better able to work together to tackle these problems.   

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