èIt makes me feel connected to the universe since it involves combining earth (clay), water and fire (firing in the kiln) with my human energy and intention.
 èIt is transformative.  The earth, water and fire combine to create a piece of art that can withstand time.  It can turn a person into an artist.
èIt can be functional, or not…
èIt allows me to have many cool handmade things to give away.
èIt provides an opportunity for mindfulness.
èIt can be challenging with lots of opportunities to learn and cope with failure and disappointment (i.e. when the “perfect” pot collapses at the last moment!   ARG!)
èIt’s FUN to get messy!
 We recently installed a new wood burning stove in the studio since I’m not too fond of spending lots on electricity.  Now I need to figure out how to handle the fluctuating temperatures impact on the work at different stages.
While working so intensely for 12 years with Justice Works!, I didn’t do pottery.  So, I need to relearn a lot.  But, that’s ok. J
The pictures here are a few old pieces.  I like carving.  More to come soon.


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