Nourishing like food and water, good touch is the gateway to the whole person.

A gentle, tiny touch on a shoulder or hand can generate waves of comfort as it reassures while reducing anxiety, fear and loneliness.

The rubbing and petting of a dog or cat is a marvelous antidote to the inevitable adult admonition “don’t touch!”

At the same time, parental yearning for the return to everyday bonding with kisses, hugs and massages with baby then child grows stronger as the older child becomes the adult child and then the world’s citizen.

Still, touch remains the primal love language.

Some touch can lead to the sustaining flood of calm, peacefulness and serenity found in sleep and rest. Some touch can double us over with laughter. Some just keeps us grounded in being.

When we’re in the mood for being scientific, we can intellectualize the power of good touch. A patch of skin no larger than the size of a quarter contains 3 million cells, 100 – 340 sweat glands and 50 nerve endings. Hello touch!

Now our minds beckon our body’s involvement in our being through touch.

As we succumb to the captivating allure of touch, brain chemicals trigger other body chemicals to produce that sweet cascading flow of health from here to there in our bodies then easily swirling on to our spirits.

Let’s go places where no one else goes my exclusive, adored love partner. Yes, seeing, hearing, smelling and even tasting can deliver untold delights. That special touch with that special person will move us to indescribable private, intimate places in ten seconds to be enjoyed for ten hours and tens on tens of years more.

Let’s return to the curiosity and delight of our young selves and together explore our world and ourselves with touch.

Just you and I get to go there with our special touch.

Good touch is good.

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