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What is fun?  Let’s say fun includes these things:

+ Excites and then refreshes the mind and / or body

    ~ Engages the mind and / or body in the present moment / situation

     ~ Can provide therapeutic impact

+ Leaves all participating parties feeling good or at least better

    ~ Can be a diversion from daily stresses and / or responsibilities

    ~ Can bond participants with each other

Why is fun important?

+ Provides many, many different types of health benefits

+ Increases life satisfaction

+ Provides time to nurture self, others and relationships

Let’s have some fun poking around at the subject to find some low-no cost fun activities!  I’d love to hear your ideas too!

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It’s a given that we all disagree with people. That’s normal, healthy and perfectly ok. We disagree with people who hold different values. Differing religions, politics, lifestyles, and priorities are common fodder for disagreements. When there is a disagreement with someone outside our circles, it’s easier to speak out and present our case! But, when the disagreement is with family or friends, there are a wider range of unhealthy responses. Fortunately, there are effective ways to handle disagreements.

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A Frank Angle

Monday (January 21, 2013) is Martin Luther King Day – a federal holiday (since 1986) in the US, which actually means a vacation day for federal employees.

States have the opportunity to declare a holiday for its employees – and most, if not all, have on this day. In my state of Ohio, local government/public groups have the option of declaring the day a holiday.

Private employers also have an option of exercising the holiday,but only a bit more than a third do. A small percentage of others offer this day as a floating-holiday option.

Whether one chooses or not, and no matter the occasion, holidays provide the opportunity to reflect. In other words, holidays are more than just a day off from work.

Dr. King’s work and the Civil Rights movement was huge news in the 1960s. Today, two factors dominate my mind: Yes, we as a society have…

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I’m turning 64 this month and I’m feeling motivated and very enthused about life! For a long time, I’ve pictured myself living an active, full and healthy life to at least 100 and I still do. I don’t feel overly concerned about aging. I’m still very young compared to my 100 year old self!

However, it is part of the human condition to wonder about what happens when our time on earth is done. Sadly, this is often accompanied by a fear inspired negativity towards aging in general and elders in particular.

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Here’s how it feels to me… Most people have good values and sincerely want to do the right things for the right reasons. But, life isn’t simple. There are so many choices and so much “stuff” to deal with that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I, for one, have worked hard to incorporate living my values into my day to day life but realize there is so much that I just don’t know. So, I feel that we need to work together in order to do our best.

That’s why I was so happy to find this amazing and comprehensive list on RealSimple’s website. There you’ll not only find ideas about how to reuse and / or recycle a wide range of different items, the links are there so you don’t have to research the how-to’s yourself.

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There can be an idea and then there are the actions that show how important that idea is to a person…

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It’s always a pleasure to be acknowledged and I appreciate tig23 for nominating me! THANK YOU! Please check out the amazing writing at his site: I also really love the opportunity to acknowledge other impressive bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!

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As one of the Bloggers For Peace and a founder of a social justice non-profit, my first PEACE post explores the connection between peace and justice.

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I don’t know how important it is to answer this question. I do know that it can be helpful sometimes because how we spend our life’s energy is directly tied to how we have answered that question. In other words, if you consider yourself an athletic person, you’ll work out a lot. Philosophers philosophize. Thieves steal. Artists create art. Loving people put their efforts on developing compassion and loving kindness.

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