As one of the Bloggers For Peace and a founder of a social justice non-profit, my first PEACE post explores the connection between peace and justice.


The concepts of peace and justice are so expansive; it’s hard to be specific about the relationship between peace and justice.

First, here are some definitions.

PEACE = nonviolence, unity, harmony, a state of security, calm and mutual concord.

JUSTICE = reconciliation for all, lack of oppression, impartial and fair, just dealing or right action, conforming to truth.


This article explores the relationship between peace and justice. The premise is that the different interpretations of these concepts shape the different views about the connections between them. The article also provides an interesting list of discussion questions for those who see the value of digging deeper. For the record, I believe that if we are to seek peace, it seems we need to also understand and seek justice.


The International Center for Transitional Justice provides this video that explains that there has been a marked shift away from the practice of providing immunity from prosecution to those responsible for mass atrocity. This has paralleled a growing understanding that the two goals of peace and justice, rather than being exclusive, are mutually reinforcing. Peace, when understood as enduring and long-term peace, goes beyond the immediate goal of ending a conflict and relies on justice and accountability to ensure sustainability.


I support the views of Martin Luther King Jr. Justice isn’t justice unless there is peace. Without justice there is no peace.

For more information, go here.


2 responses to “PEACE AND JUSTICE”

  1. Kozo says :

    Great post. Thank you for sharing this with B4Peace. I have not thought much about the relationship between peace and justice, so your post was enlightening. I am a strong proponent of forgiveness, so I need to balance justice and forgiveness. I look forward to hearing more about your social justice work. I am still learning, and your experience and expertise are invaluable to our peace movement. Thank you.

    • leazengage says :

      Thanks again. I look forward to doing my best at explaining about this connection and about how forgiveness benefits all people on so many different levels. There is a lot of resistance when speaking about issues of race and / or of crime. But, I look forward to the challenge. All the best to you!

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