There can be an idea and then there are the actions that show how important that idea is to a person…

Not long ago I wrote a post about my philosophies on giving. Now I’d like to share some information I received from Shaloo Walia’s inspirational blog . She has a post that speaks of causes close to her heart.  I learned about the 29-day Giving Challenge  there.

While it is commendable for people, like me, to share thoughts about giving and kindness, I really appreciate it when someone has taken the time to create a community around those good values. I’ve noticed that when that is done, it is so much easier for people to remember to take daily actions that support their values. And, when they do, the love grows and optimism and gratitude flourish.

Please accept my gratitude Cami Walker for creating the 29 Gifts community and Shaloo Walia for sharing this information on opportunities to spread our love.

I hope you all check it out and let me and others know if you decide to participate.


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