What is fun?  Let’s say fun includes these things:

+ Excites and then refreshes the mind and / or body

    ~ Engages the mind and / or body in the present moment / situation

     ~ Can provide therapeutic impact

+ Leaves all participating parties feeling good or at least better

    ~ Can be a diversion from daily stresses and / or responsibilities

    ~ Can bond participants with each other

Why is fun important?

+ Provides many, many different types of health benefits

+ Increases life satisfaction

+ Provides time to nurture self, others and relationships

Let’s have some fun poking around at the subject to find some low-no cost fun activities!  I’d love to hear your ideas too!


Purposeful work directed towards specific social justice vision

  • Visioning, planning, implementing, working with team

Expressing creativity in a variety of ways

  • Creating things
  • Creating new thinking / clearer thinking
  • Singing / movement
  • Exploring books
  • Food (eating / creating)

Connecting with plants, animals (especially the ones special to me J), the planet


Learning, analyzing and sharing

  • Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Politics (movies, books, etc)
  • Exposure to different cultures

Building health

Connecting with a few special individuals in meaningful way

Progress towards home maintenance / improvement goals


Goin somewhere! – find some country that you’re unfamiliar with – look for some cultural tid bits – cook an ethnic delight similar to what’s found there

Picnic to go! – close or far, pack up the yummies and go (or stay)

Aimless wandering – drive somewhere, get out, walk around

Your turn : – : my turn – in any / some creative (writing, drawing, clay work) activityà one person adds something and then the other person adds some

Reading out loud together


What’s new? Find some new place, craft, or activity and try it

Go to the rain forest, desert, mountains, ocean

Tell me a story and listen to mine

Go to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Visit Bellevue Botanical Garden

Oldie goldie singalong

Drumming and moving


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