I’m grateful to have an opportunity to be part of BLOGGERS FOR PEACE. We are many individuals who have committed to blogging about peace at least once a month.

Last month I wrote about the connection between peace and justice.  As the founder of a social justice non-profit, I worked as a community organizer for twelve years. I taught about social justice movements and the skills needed to be an organizer.

Still, while thinking of what I wanted to write about PEACE, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the topic and I admit I felt a little powerless for a moment. PEACE. I think of all the harm that has been done and is being done by people who choose non-peaceful approaches to solving problems. As I acknowledge that profound hurt and trauma, it is easy to see how that can knock the wind out of any of us. But then, I get a grip and I remember what I know.

THE ONLY THING THAT EVER CHANGES SOCIETY IS PEOPLE POWER. People power is when many, many individuals put their energy and their skills towards promoting an important idea or value. PEACE is one such idea!

Here is how I used to explain the work of an organizer. There are three categories of work that need to be done: 1) Become expert on your issue, 2) Do broad public education, and 3) Create the mechanism to mobilize the public.

BLOGGERS FOR PEACE are doing these things. There is a lot of incredibly good teaching about PEACE in these posts. The goals of this effort are to have LOTS of attention paid to PEACE. And, hopefully some people will be inspired to organize specific actions on specific peace related issues.

So, yes, we can all agree that something big like seeking PEACE can feel overwhelming. But history teaches us that if we combine our individual efforts, we can accomplish great things. PEACE is a great thing.

I’m totally in! I hope you are too!

Please consider joining BLOGGERS FOR PEACE.


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  1. Kozo says :

    I completely agree, Lea. Let’s broaden education on peace. I am learning everyday from these posts what needs to be done for peace. I am thrilled that we can be a stepping stone for huge global change. Thank you for giving us a concrete strategy.
    I love the “one” list/poem. I would add “one post can start a movement.” {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • leazengage says :

      Yes to “one post can start a movement”. 🙂 Seriously, it might be good to research peace… As an organizer I know that your “campaign” materials need to appeal to many different types of people. Some people you can engage through emotional appeals. Some won’t be moved until you provide a “study” that proves some point in some intellectual way. Sadly, some need to see a financial or personal benefit before they are moved to lend their voice. If it’s a movement you want, that’s what I’d suggest as a starting point but that’s just me talking based on my experience as an organizer. I also personally like having people just find their own person way to contribute. Anyway… thanks again for your leadership and inspiring commitment!

      • Kozo says :

        Hopefully with the number of Bloggers for Peace we will have a lot of those bases covered, Lea. I’m hoping to get all kinds of bloggers on board, not just tree huggers and peace activists. I hope to get scientists, financial bloggers, lobbyist, etc. blogging for peace. Call me a dreamer, but I can really see it happening now that we have the internet.

      • leazengage says :

        You are 100% correct. Sometimes it all starts as a dream. I’d like to see someone list ideas on how to “mobilize” (i.e. get lots of people to take some action). That involves identifying who the decision makers are and finding ways to make sure they feel/see/ hear the masses of people calling for peace. ha-ha Stop me anytime… I just love seeing this kind of work happening. Thank you and thank you again for taking actions on your dream!

  2. electronicbaglady says :

    Thanks for your post! I totally recognise that feeling of being overwhelmed, and have to keep picking myself up again every day 🙂
    It’s easier when we all try to pick ourselves up together

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