Our belief systems are the bedrock upon which all that we say and do rests. Our beliefs are the filters of our reality. They also create our version of reality. And, they often go unchallenged – even if they are incomplete or completely incorrect.

With great glee I have recently learned about, as they describe themselves, “a revolution in the scientific understanding of human nature.”

Over time and still today many believe that humans are primarily self-centered and warlike. The new scientific understanding of human nature demonstrates that we also have deep roots for compassion and human goodness. This is magnificent news! Personally, I already chose the more optimistic view of human nature but for those with doubts and those that need proof, the time has come!

The mission of the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center  is to study the psychology, sociology, and neuroscience of well-being, and to teach skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

WOW! As they say, “Human communities are only as healthy as our conceptions of human nature.” We act based on what we believe. While this might sound like a small or obvious statement, the impact of their work is potentially monumental.

Once more and more people come to fully accept and fully believe that we are compassionate by nature, they will begin to practice compassion more and more. This will naturally move us all towards a more peaceful planet.

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  1. Kozo says :

    Going to a workshop at GGSC in March. So excited.

    • leazengage says :

      wow… that’s so cool! I’m reading their book The Compassionate Instinct and I’ve really been moved by an article (each chapter is an article from their magazine) on soldiers and their response to killing people. I’ll probably attempt to write a summary and my reaction to it but right now it’s just a little to intense to write. Anyway, I hope to see some posts on your experience at GGSC after you return from the workshop!

  2. alienredqueen says :

    The title of this post really caught my eye, because I really believe that part of the problems we face today are because people value their own “rights” over compassion for others. I feel like the reactions of different groups after the Newtown tragedy really exemplify this. Whether on the pro-gun rights side or the gun control side, some people are adhering to their arguments and ideas of their “rights” so ardently, it’s like they have completely lost sight of the 20 little lives lost that day. There’s no compassion there. Temperance and common sense, with a salting of compassion would do everyone good in this case!

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