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In my bathroom sits this three tiered holder of river rocks. I’m a potter. I made the small bowls myself. I call this simple thing my “tribute to the weirdos”. No, I don’t use that word in any other situation. Just this one… And, when I say this, the word is used consciously and with tenderness. I know; that doesn’t seem to make any sense. Read More…


I’m 64 years old and I haven’t worked for a salary since I was 51. From the age of 51 until last year I worked full time without pay at the social justice non-profit that I founded. That was a rare and amazingly rewarding experience. I have no plans to look for paid work in the future. I expect to live to at least 100 years old and I anticipate that my life will continue to be active, comfortable, full and very rewarding all the way to the end.

When people hear about how I live, there is sometimes a lot of curiosity and almost always there are a lot of incorrect assumptions made. The only things I usually need money for are: taxes, insurance, gas, utilities, vehicle maintenance, medical deductible for my annual checkup and teeth cleaning, some supplements, some home maintenance supplies and an occasional other “something” every now and then. Mostly everything else I get for free.

No, I’ve never been independently wealthy and I’ve never lived in poverty. Instead, I enjoy being a part of what I call the universe’s flow of abundance. If it sounds like I live in “woo-woo land”; well, that’s not accurate either. Let me explain. Read More…


I like the reason behind blogging awards. I like it because it provides a specific way for bloggers to live the philosophy, “The more you give, the more you get.” It’s a way that we can support and encourage each other. Usually the award rules give us an opportunity to learn more about the person behind the blog postings too. That’s fun. I love that blogging allows people to share their learning, their thoughts, their wisdom and their caring. And, we can easily do that with people across the globe. This is huge! Meeting more and more new people and learning from each other is making the world a better place.

In that spirit, I gleefully accept the Liebster Blog Award from MAMA BEAR MUSINGS at:

Thank you very much, Mama Bear Musings! Read More…