Hey everyone! It’s time to paaaarrrty!

Wait. Let’s back up. It’s time to plan a party. A peace party! But why and how?

Bloggers for Peace is a group of bloggers committed to promoting peace through monthly peace postings. This month’s challenge is to plan a party that will “ripple peace to the world.” That’s a tall order, especially for a person who doesn’t excel at planning even regular parties! Never fear.

Together we can do this!

In order to create our peace party, let’s identify some of the attributes that would make this party a peace party. Peace typically involves groups of people but each individual must be personally committed to peace for it to work. Sometimes it is hardest to achieve peace between groups that have conflicting perspectives or perceived conflicting goals. So, our peace party would need to invite groups of people and ideally they would be diverse groups of people. And, all these people would need to feel heard, respected and secure. The atmosphere could be one of jubilation or of serenity. The mood would depend on the needs of the individuals and the groups involved. Again, the nature of this party would need to reflect the needs of many people. It seems like we need to invite many and encourage everyone to personalize it to suit them.

Let’s all use our imaginations to create our global peace party. We’ll set a specific day and a specific time for our peace party. When the party starts everyone will be encouraged to close their eyes and create the ideal peace party in their imagination.

The location for the party could be at home, in nature, or at some new or exotic location. A small intimate group of friends could be invited or millions or only oneself. There could be decorations that reflect peace. Maybe there are peace signs, mountains of colorful flowers, pictures of happy faces, or nature scenes. Each person would hear music that sets the tone for them. And they would see the entertainment that they feel best reflects a peace celebration. Maybe there could be speeches or games or dancing or simply sitting in silent meditation. All options are available to all people. Maybe everyone around the globe would take a specific peace action at the exact same moment. Finally, everyone would be asked to experience the manifestation of peace as joy, smiles and happiness.

I asked a few friends to send some brief notes with their peace party ideas. Here is what they sent.

Terri – I’d hold it in a Japanese garden with Ammachi from India. Music would be American Indian flute, artwork would decorate the party perhaps Georgia O’Keefe (I like big flowers). There would be speeches by David Helfgott (pianist…’Shine’ the movie), people with disfigurements and disabilities from violent offenses committed to them would be seen living full forgiving lives such as the woman who is a child Meglele survivor from Aushwitchz who has forgiven. Food would be from all over the world, but any animal products would have been killed ritually (no pigs or cows to respect the religions). Cat Stevens is cool.

Anna – I would have the party in Switzerland because that country managed to remain neutral during 2 world wars. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and, of course, chocolate would be the featured food. Gandhi, the Dali Lama, former President and Mrs. Carter would be invited. There would be a time for peaceful meditation as well as a time for great conversation.

Deb – I would begin in Downtown Detroit, with a Pied Piper like parade of people singing and coming out to join the parade. Then we would end in space to turn into a community garden. Together! I chose Detroit because Detroit just declared bankruptcy. There are so many abandoned buildings, homes, etc., that parts of the city are being reclaimed by nature — parks are growing into fields of grasses. And there are community gardens being created and tended by community organizers. Saw it all on Anthony Bordain’s show, Parts Unknown, on CNN. They need a Pied Piper! When Cuba was suffering so under the embargo in the 60’s and 70’s they began a national slogan, Si se puede or Yes we Can!

Sarah – Peace ah freedom. I hear messages all the time that we need to have guns and war to have peace. Peace. I am reading an astronaut’s guide to life on earth by the former commander of the ISS Chris Hadfield. He says it is always so busy but every chance he got he would look at our planet. He took tons of pictures of our planet. I think I would want the party on the ISS. There is no gravity so they had flying races and played with water bubbles so cool and so utterly disarming and peaceful. Peace to look out the window and see ‘our world.’

Nancy – I just heard on public radio that there is less war going on now in the world than in recorded history. Peace is winning, one person at a time.

Now I invite you to imagine an event that would ripple peace to the world. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.



  1. Kozo Hattori says :

    Love how you made a peace party committee, Lea. I love Terri’s idea of a Japanese Garden with Amma. Thank you for this beautiful post for peace. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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