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SHE LET GO by Ernest Holmes

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

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A little about my name…

Why I chose this name and what the significance of that decision was for me…
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Nourishing like food and water, good touch is the gateway to the whole person.

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èIt makes me feel connected to the universe since it involves combining earth (clay), water and fire (firing in the kiln) with my human energy and intention.
 èIt is transformative.  The earth, water and fire combine to create a piece of art that can withstand time.  It can turn a person into an artist.
èIt can be functional, or not…
èIt allows me to have many cool handmade things to give away.
èIt provides an opportunity for mindfulness.
èIt can be challenging with lots of opportunities to learn and cope with failure and disappointment (i.e. when the “perfect” pot collapses at the last moment!   ARG!)
èIt’s FUN to get messy!

Written – 1/1/2002 – Poem – Strong Enough

This poem was written when I was relatively new to volunteering with the Black Prisoners’ Caucus at Washington State Reformatory.  It came out of my reaction to the part of prison culture where the men are forced to stuff emotions in order to be “tough” all the time – just to survive.   I understood why that was but still, I also knew that it takes great strength to do some of the things they considered to be “soft” and those things are part of being human.  I was sad to see them cut off from their own humanity.  Read More…

Written – 12/4/2010 – Poem – Musings On Color

Basking in the comfort of blue  and forest green
Earth colors with earth vibration             

Colors next to othersand colors merging     together   

Which colors are me and which colors are you? Read More…