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Hey everyone! It’s time to paaaarrrty!

Wait. Let’s back up. It’s time to plan a party. A peace party! But why and how?

Bloggers for Peace is a group of bloggers committed to promoting peace through monthly peace postings. This month’s challenge is to plan a party that will “ripple peace to the world.” That’s a tall order, especially for a person who doesn’t excel at planning even regular parties! Never fear.

Together we can do this!

In order to create our peace party, let’s identify some of the attributes that would make this party a peace party. Peace typically involves groups of people but each individual must be personally committed to peace for it to work. Sometimes it is hardest to achieve peace between groups that have conflicting perspectives or perceived conflicting goals. So, our peace party would need to invite groups of people and ideally they would be diverse groups of people. And, all these people would need to feel heard, respected and secure. The atmosphere could be one of jubilation or of serenity. The mood would depend on the needs of the individuals and the groups involved. Again, the nature of this party would need to reflect the needs of many people. It seems like we need to invite many and encourage everyone to personalize it to suit them.

Let’s all use our imaginations to create our global peace party. We’ll set a specific day and a specific time for our peace party. When the party starts everyone will be encouraged to close their eyes and create the ideal peace party in their imagination.

The location for the party could be at home, in nature, or at some new or exotic location. A small intimate group of friends could be invited or millions or only oneself. There could be decorations that reflect peace. Maybe there are peace signs, mountains of colorful flowers, pictures of happy faces, or nature scenes. Each person would hear music that sets the tone for them. And they would see the entertainment that they feel best reflects a peace celebration. Maybe there could be speeches or games or dancing or simply sitting in silent meditation. All options are available to all people. Maybe everyone around the globe would take a specific peace action at the exact same moment. Finally, everyone would be asked to experience the manifestation of peace as joy, smiles and happiness.

I asked a few friends to send some brief notes with their peace party ideas. Here is what they sent.

Terri – I’d hold it in a Japanese garden with Ammachi from India. Music would be American Indian flute, artwork would decorate the party perhaps Georgia O’Keefe (I like big flowers). There would be speeches by David Helfgott (pianist…’Shine’ the movie), people with disfigurements and disabilities from violent offenses committed to them would be seen living full forgiving lives such as the woman who is a child Meglele survivor from Aushwitchz who has forgiven. Food would be from all over the world, but any animal products would have been killed ritually (no pigs or cows to respect the religions). Cat Stevens is cool.

Anna – I would have the party in Switzerland because that country managed to remain neutral during 2 world wars. It has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and, of course, chocolate would be the featured food. Gandhi, the Dali Lama, former President and Mrs. Carter would be invited. There would be a time for peaceful meditation as well as a time for great conversation.

Deb – I would begin in Downtown Detroit, with a Pied Piper like parade of people singing and coming out to join the parade. Then we would end in space to turn into a community garden. Together! I chose Detroit because Detroit just declared bankruptcy. There are so many abandoned buildings, homes, etc., that parts of the city are being reclaimed by nature — parks are growing into fields of grasses. And there are community gardens being created and tended by community organizers. Saw it all on Anthony Bordain’s show, Parts Unknown, on CNN. They need a Pied Piper! When Cuba was suffering so under the embargo in the 60’s and 70’s they began a national slogan, Si se puede or Yes we Can!

Sarah – Peace ah freedom. I hear messages all the time that we need to have guns and war to have peace. Peace. I am reading an astronaut’s guide to life on earth by the former commander of the ISS Chris Hadfield. He says it is always so busy but every chance he got he would look at our planet. He took tons of pictures of our planet. I think I would want the party on the ISS. There is no gravity so they had flying races and played with water bubbles so cool and so utterly disarming and peaceful. Peace to look out the window and see ‘our world.’

Nancy – I just heard on public radio that there is less war going on now in the world than in recorded history. Peace is winning, one person at a time.

Now I invite you to imagine an event that would ripple peace to the world. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


In a recent group conversation focusing on the topic LOVE, it was acknowledged that loving one’s enemy is oftentimes nearly impossible.

Why? The actions of our enemy represent values contrary to our own. Our enemies can be scary. Many people absorb the feelings of others and we want to stay far away from people whose feelings we don’t want to absorb. We don’t like them. We don’t want to be around them. They make us angry, resentful, frustrated and more! We hate them!

But, what do you do if you really do believe in love? What if you believe in compassion or empathy? Should we only express those emotions when it is easy? But, but, but…..

I told the group about a sermon I heard years ago that really impacted me. The minister told us about a time when she was demonstrating against racism at a KKK rally when she saw something that stopped her dead in her tracks. It was a woman who lovingly straightening the folds in the white robe worn by her young child. While she obviously understood the horror of what that white robe represented, for a flash she saw the humanity of that woman. She saw a person worthy of empathy and compassion. And yes, even love. Confusing.

Why would anyone even want to waste any energy even thinking about loving your enemy?

All the reasons for NOT loving one’s enemy are very easy to understand.

Feelings of resentment, anger, and others are completely normal. There is no value to feeling badly about experiencing these emotions. It’s what we do with them that matters.

But at the risk of sounding grandiose or preachy, here are some reasons for wanting to learn to love our enemy.

Does it make you feel happy to distain and loathe others? Does hate encourage healing or the change that we really hope for? Does carrying hate make you proud of yourself? This is NOT to challenge your good values. Instead, these questions are to help you examine the value of old ways. You really will feel happier if you can live a loving and peaceful life and release hatred.

Harboring hatred is not only exhausting; it can literally be harmful to your health. So, if you think your hatred is hurting the other person, think again! It’s likely that you are harmed the most by harboring your hatred, resentment or any other negative emotion!

Even if it isn’t your intention to change anyone, love and respect are literally powerful tools. Someone who might be used to being disrespected and hated will be shocked to their core if they feel your love and / or sincere respect. This shock can fuel positive change. They may begin to even subconsciously think, “Maybe I can act differently if this person sees me as worthy.” This can be a surprise but potent impact of loving your enemy.

You can feel satisfied about the example you are setting for others, especially children. You know that displaying hatred and bitterness impacts children. Demonstrating how to love, even under extremely difficult situations, is a powerful lesson for others.

It is better for the community. Loving others brings out the best in them. If a person sees themselves as a “bad person”, they will take hurtful actions. If they see themselves as a valued and productive part of the community, they will take ownership for the health of the community.

What does it really mean to love thy enemy? Let’s say it means to set aside whatever it is that makes them your enemy and to muster the feelings that will allow you see the humanity of this person. It doesn’t mean that you need to invite them to your home for dinner or to love them like you love a friend, family member or respected role model. But, there are lots of different kinds of love. The kind of love that we’d give to our enemies would be to open our hearts to them and to have some loving feelings toward this human spirit. It might mean you’d say hello to them and maybe even smile if the situation called for that. A greeting or a smile to an enemy doesn’t mean that you have changed your values. It means that you really do believe in treating all people with respect and dignity. It means that you really do embrace love, compassion and empathy as your spiritual path. It demonstrates that you have the spiritual strength to take action on your values even when those actions will not be understood or even accepted by many.

If you can remember that you are accountable to your own self and your own values, you will ultimately feel comfort in your decision. And you will eventually find internal peace because you’ll feel comfortable with your choices and unburdened by the need to constantly carry hatred and resentment.

Again, we all know how hard this is; almost impossible for many. It’s a very emotional issue. It’ll only happen with people who really want it. Maybe these few words might help someone move closer to being able to love all.

Loving one’s enemy is a life-long challenge. Isn’t spirituality a lifelong practice too? One is a reflection of the other.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


It’s shameful but not necessarily shocking that a group of high school students in Georgia are struggling for the right to have an integrated prom. Here’s the story about the black girls and white girls who have been friends for a long time but are STILL not allowed to go to the same prom. Obviously it’s very discouraging to know that struggles with wildly racist notions are still happening in 2013.  Read More…


In my bathroom sits this three tiered holder of river rocks. I’m a potter. I made the small bowls myself. I call this simple thing my “tribute to the weirdos”. No, I don’t use that word in any other situation. Just this one… And, when I say this, the word is used consciously and with tenderness. I know; that doesn’t seem to make any sense. Read More…


I just got a gift from a telephone solicitor. No, it wasn’t a new gizmo, or $25 off something or having someone shampoo half of my carpet.

It is something much more valuable than that.

Here’s what happened… Read More…


World Peace is a huge concept.

Sometimes it’s hard to really believe that as flawed individuals we are equipped to create peace.

This seems particularly true on those days when we might be feeling some vulnerability or confusion about how to respond to those personal flaws or challenges. Read More…


After reading an article entitled HOPE ON THE BATTLEFIELD by Dave Grossman, I felt such a mishmash of feelings that I couldn’t speak for a while. I felt fear, hope, awe, confusion, anger, curiosity and an overwhelming concern. This article was originally published in Greater Good magazine which is published by the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. This is a research center “devoted to the scientific understanding of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, and altruistic behavior.” Dave Grossman is a historian, psychologist and soldier.

Let me start with listing some of the things I learned from this short eight page article. Then, a few conclusions… Read More…


Our belief systems are the bedrock upon which all that we say and do rests. Our beliefs are the filters of our reality. They also create our version of reality. And, they often go unchallenged – even if they are incomplete or completely incorrect.

With great glee I have recently learned about, as they describe themselves, “a revolution in the scientific understanding of human nature.” Read More…


I wrote earlier about my participation in the 29 Day Giving Challenge. Today is my 29th day. I am left pondering the concept of GIVING. Why do we give? Who should or shouldn’t we give to? How much should we give? Who benefits from our giving? Who could possibly be harmed by our giving and why? I’m not going to attempt to answer all those questions here. But, I think it’s important to pose the questions.

I am totally comfortable with making a few conclusions now. A focused giving commitment is a growth opportunity for the giver. It potentially gives people the time and focus to struggle with these questions individually. I’ve done some of this work earlier. Here is my summary of the book HOW CAN I HELP where some of these questions are addressed.  But, today I am moved by the connection between giving in our day to day lives and PEACE. If we want peace for our planet, living day to day with empathy, compassion and generosity seems like a logical and important first step. It starts in our own nation, communities and circles of family and friends.

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I’m grateful to have an opportunity to be part of BLOGGERS FOR PEACE. We are many individuals who have committed to blogging about peace at least once a month.

Last month I wrote about the connection between peace and justice.  As the founder of a social justice non-profit, I worked as a community organizer for twelve years. I taught about social justice movements and the skills needed to be an organizer.

Still, while thinking of what I wanted to write about PEACE, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the topic and I admit I felt a little powerless for a moment. PEACE. I think of all the harm that has been done and is being done by people who choose non-peaceful approaches to solving problems. As I acknowledge that profound hurt and trauma, it is easy to see how that can knock the wind out of any of us. But then, I get a grip and I remember what I know.

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